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Energy Manager

Energy Manager

An easy-to-install, cost-efficient ENE3 compliant utility display for ‘code-compliance’ (2 code credits)

Energy Manager, the best ENE3 compliant real-time energy monitoring system for all utility types including heat and water that is worth two code credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The system has a dedicated wall-mounted ENE3 compliant in-home display that is effortlessly controlled through elegant graphical user interfaces. The systems are self-learning and profile normal energy use, alerting building occupants when they exceed them, helping to save at least 20% off utility bills. It has an inbuilt web server and WiFi access point enabling it to transmit energy data costs, in pounds to the engaging local display, without relying on any local access network or mobile infrastructure



  • Code for Sustainable Homes
    Ene 3 Energy Display Device
  • BREEAM International New Construction
    Ene 02b residential Energy Monitoring


What’s included in the deal

  • 1 x EMP Controller
  • 1x  tablet display
  • 1 x tamper free wall mount
  • 1 x display power supply
  • 1 x Current Clamp

To purchase please call +44 (0) 1506 460555 or email



What have all these prestigious developments got in common?

Our Home Energy Manager was chosen as the in-home energy display

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South Bank Tower London
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Kingsgate SW1 Victoria London
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Glasshouse Gardens London
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