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Changing the face of the smart meter

16th May 2017

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Smart meters. A relatively unknown term just a few years ago but now a must have for commercial and residential properties. This is an exciting time because the smart meter puts the consumer back in control and gives them a front seat into managing their gas and electricity. It saves resources and most importantly reduces cost and wastage.


The British government has even backed the idea. They have openly challenged every energy supplier around the country, from the smallest to the Big 6, to install smart meters in every residential and commercial property by 2020. Let’s do the math on that:


  • 30 million – premises across England, Scotland and Wales
  • 5 million –  premises with installed smart meters to date
  • 3 years – to reach that target


So how are the energy suppliers and smart meter businesses going to make this happen? And how are they going to meet the expectation of the consumer who can see the potential and want to see omni-channel energy solutions that give them complete control over their usage and cut the price of their bills, all by the click of a button? Traditionally smart meters have existed on a panel in an unmanned plant room, a utility cupboard or in the basement of a shopping block. Our team are aware of this and hope to lead the pack by changing the perception of a smart meter display by providing our customers with a product they proudly want to display in a prominent area, where everyone can engage and get involved. This is why we have developed our In-Property Display (IPD) 7” Android User Interface specifically for Building Management Systems (BMS).


Our IPD is a touch screen user interface for Commercial properties is just the beginning and it has been designed to improve occupant comfort and generate energy awareness using relevant environmental data and user friendly interactive functions, all from a dedicated wall mounted graphical user interface.


Our new 7” capacitive touch screen (1024*600) is more prominent than ever with a high quality framed tamper resistant wall mounting that conceals wiring. What makes this more unique is the compatibility with any pre-existing BMS controller or station that generates HTML web content, including Tridium’s Niagara. This is an award-winning design at your fingertips.


Right now, commercially, we can help you promote environmental awareness, increase staff sense of well-being and promote behavioural change. It starts today commercially, but with this proven concept across 10,000s of installations already it won’t be long before we can influence all markets. We are excited to share this and lead the way in real time, multi-utility display.