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30th January 2016

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Despite technology rapidly developing year on year, the Internet world continues to struggle with a range of security issues. Internet security covers a broad spectrum; it can be as easy as protecting your personal information by regularly changing your password, or it can be completely out of your control as the result a high profile cyber attack.

Internet security has recently stolen the headlines. A high profile cyber attack on TalkTalk recently exposed the personal and financial details of their customers. Patrons of JD Wetherspoon who logged on to their free Wi-Fi over a set period of time also had personal information stolen.  These well known brands have raised question over the level of security available online and also in new Internet of Things technology.

The Internet of Things market is expected to pass the trillion-dollar mark in terms of value over the next few years. With devices already able to link to organs within your body, control your fridge or monitor and control your heating and electricity, it is as equally exciting as scary to consider what we might be able to do by the time that valuation is met.

The main issue is based around the question “can we keep up with the patches and fixes required to fix any device vulnerabilities?” We recently read part of a report from James Lewis, a cyber security researcher at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. The report, although specifically referencing the U.S., says, “The Internet of Things standards should require a higher degree of human intervention and control for sensitive functions. Both devices and the networks that connect them will need to be made more secure, and the government should set higher standards for more advanced gadgets that create valuable data, perform crucial functions or can produce mass effect.”

Right now there are no digital security watchdogs in place, or set laws to guide Internet of Things manufacturers, when developing the technology. Our team at NetThings pay close attention to the developments, not only in our own technology, but in the development of others too. As security becomes a bigger issue for the consumer, it becomes a bigger issue for our own platform.