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1st September 2015

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Last month, well known price comparison company warned households that they may face a shock rise in their energy bills this month. Almost ten fixed-rate energy tariffs, including some of the most popular options from British Gas, Npower and EDF Energy have just expired and customers will be automatically switched to their supplier’s standard rates.

The announcement from the price comparison giants has raised alarms as the average household is set to see a rise of up to £318 a year, and they have recommended that everyone take the time to review their current energy package and all the options available to them. This is something that we support as we believe every household deserves to maximize their value for money through all utility charges.

Our team remain concerned that so many people and businesses seem to treat energy like a tax that just needs to be paid, oblivious to the 10% they can easily save through better discipline such as turning unused electrical items off. Better control of things like heating, for example turning down the heat by just 1 degree, typically saves 6% off the gas bill. These savings put the control back in the user’s hands, and our platform has been designed to make that control effortless.

Our solutions have been tailor made for both the business and home user and offer the most unique real-time energy monitoring system for all utility types. We are excited to share these with you at a time where energy prices threaten to rise, and you can learn more about them at For more information about maximizing your energy savings in both domestic and office based properties, you can visit these useful links: