We are a supplier to the Sustainable Restaurant Association

By 28th July 2015 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

At NetThings, we truly believe in sustainability and the impact this can have on not only the external environment we all live in, but on the operating costs of businesses too.

Having just been approved as a preferred supplier for the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), NetThings is proud to be able to showcase our support for sustainability in the hospitality sector.

The SRA is a non for profit membership organisation designed to help restaurants become more sustainable and help diners make more sustainable choices when dining out. The goal of the organisation is to help restaurants source food more sustainably and manage resources more efficiently.

This is where NetThings come in. NetThings Click products allow businesses to control, manage and reduce energy use in order to save operating costs and minimise energy waste.

It has been proven that up to 46% of energy in business premises is consumed out with operating hours; a huge proportion of which is likely to be unnecessary waste. Imagine what you could save in your business if unused appliances like coffee machines were turned off overnight? It sounds so simple but in practice it often isn’t done.

NetThings Click is a smarter energy management system that can easily make this a problem of the past. Click allows for real time energy monitoring and remote access; meaning the wasteful energy usage need never go unchecked again.

What’s more, with a “last person out” switch, simply turn off all unnecessary appliances at close of play with the touch of a single button.

With NetThings Click, energy is suddenly easy to control and easy to save. To find out more, watch our short video.