The Impact of the Internet of Things

By 16th April 2015 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

We recently read a report commissioned by GSMA and KRC Research called The Impact of the Internet of Things: The Connected Home, which you can read in full here. The report interviews 2,000 technology enthusiasts across Germany, Japan, the UK and the US about how the Internet of Things is impacting home and family life.

The findings of the report were positive, showing that security and energy-focused applications were leading the way and an important driver for most was the ability to save money and increase peace of mind. All four countries found that smart meters were the most widely adopted connected device after computers, game consoles, smart phones and tablets. Of the 2,000 respondents, 37% from the UK already had some form of connected utility meter, whereas smart lighting systems were more prevalent in Japan and Germany (31%, 29%) while the US was more focused on monitoring their daily activity with fitness trackers (33%).

The report shows that the future of the Internet of Things in the connected home (small businesses will follow a similar pattern) will be in enabling different solutions to share information in real-time and decision making to happen locally allowing automatic responses to changes in circumstance. We have already recognised this demand and are on our way to providing the ultimate small building automation platform. Not only can we save you money off your utility bills, but we are looking to integrate security, lighting, zoned heating controls and equipment power to automatically conserve energy and improve your environment. Realising the full socio-economic potential of the Internet of Things will depend on enabling many different solutions to share information in real-time, so they can respond automatically to changes in circumstances. At NetThings we are embracing the future. Find out more about us here