A Sustainable 2015

By 6th January 2015 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

According to new research from B&Q and the Energy Saving Trust this festive season saw the nation’s annual energy bill rise by nearly £393m.

The biggest contributor to electricity consumption, accounting for nearly a third of electricity used, is electronic gadgets.

The main reason bills are increasing is that 60% of people neglect to switch off their gadgets overnight. Nearly a third (30%) of people say this is because they forget, 13% don’t see the point and 12% can’t be bothered.

2015 will see change however, with the European Union bringing in new energy efficiency measures with the aim of reducing energy consumption. Electrical devices and gadgets will be required to feature an off, or stand-by option when not in use. According to the EU’s figures, by 2020 consumers using energy efficient products in their homes could save up to £300 per year. You can make the change to a sustainable 2015 now with the help of our Energy Manager platform, which you can read more about here