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8th April 2018

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Last month Graeme Robertson, VP Sales and Marketing, represented Team NetThings at the Scottish Development International energy systems trade mission and learning journey in New York. Here are his thoughts:

“Our participation in the Scottish Energy Systems Mission and Learning Journey to New York was very worthwhile. We had several networking events as well as the chance to pitch in front of a large audience of industry experts and potential partners at Urban Future Lab in Brooklyn. We were also treated to an in depth presentation and tour of one the World’s largest commercial developments at the $20 billion Hudson Yards site in Manhattan, which features a 13.2MW cogeneration plant. We will be following up the many leads the mission generated and hope it will accelerate our growth in the US market.”

The event, which we spoke about in our last blog, was a unique experience for a number of like minded Scottish businesses to gain exposure to the US market. With countless opportunities in the state of New York alone, we are excited to progress the many leads that were presented to us with thanks to Scottish Development International.