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NetThings launches world-first building management system

27th March 2017

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Yesterday we launched the world’s first web-enabled monitoring and control system designed specifically for smaller commercial and residential properties at the global 2017 Niagara Forum in London.

The ‘nanoBEMS®’, powered by the industry-leading Niagara 4 software framework, is an innovative new product category that provides effortless control, and is fast and simple to use. It is a disruptively low cost system that will help users to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%* and provide a fast return on investment.

George McGhee, NetThings CEO, said: “Smart building controls can positively impact the physical environment in which people work in areas such as lighting, humidity, temperature and air quality. When effectively controlled a healthy, productive workplace environment is created. The launch of nanoBEMS® brings the latest smart buildings technology to a range of smaller buildings, where traditional BEMS has typically been considered too expensive. We are excited to bring this innovative new product to the market.”

Robin Hale, Director at ESTA, the trade association and UK authority on demand-side energy management, said: “Technology and innovation is beginning to unleash greater opportunities. With the development of smart and connected devices, the effective and efficient use of energy needs to become a priority for all consumers. For those managing energy in smaller commercial premises and micro businesses tasked with reducing energy use; the drive to create a positive return on investment for metering, monitoring, controls and building management, is leading to solutions requiring minimal outlay, simple installation and lower operational costs. ESTA members are rising to this challenge and working with their clients to deliver these innovative, cost-effective solutions.”

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*nanBEMS cannot compensate for badly designed systems, poor management or incorrect maintenance.